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Lindsay Jordan is a traveling photographer from the wild + wonderful state of West Virginia. In case you haven't noticed, she will photograph just about anything; except for your wedding. Lindsay has photographed everything from national ad and billboard campaigns, music in any form, live action sports, editorial fashion, automotive, and has ran large social media campaigns. Lindsay's work has been featured in Cowgirl Magazine, Forbes, and the Grand Ole Opry. She is currently a photographer and/or music writer for Country Fried Rock, SlyVinyl, Columbus Wired, Hold the Note Magazine, No Depression, and of course her own personal blog. A few of her clients include - The Associated Press, Durango Boots, Dell x Intuit, Quickbooks, AirBnb Experiences, The Campfire Experience, the Americana Music Association, and more. She isn't a afraid of a new challenge, and has dove into each opportunity fearlessly with full force. 

For better insight, here are some things others have said about Lindsay:

"If she doesn't have her camera, she has a disposable camera. If she doesn't have a disposable camera, she has her phone. If the storage is full on her phone, she'll ask to use your phone."

"She's the only girl I know who can camp and not shower for ten days, but her life goal is to own a pair of Manolo Blahnik's."

"Great photographer. Okay driver."

"She's as committed to photography as she is too really loud music."


"My best friend has done a lot of pictures. I talk about her when I can't think of anything else to say about myself."